Shenandoah Valley Prayer Breakfast

Small Groups

When Jesus brought together that first handful of friends, Andrew, Peter, James, and John, He demonstrated a way of life in which much depended on close, intimate human relationships.  The disciples became a band, not because they belonged to an organization, but because they belonged to Jesus and to each other.  This "family" quality was the core of the discipleship idea.  The "twelve" learned by following and by living a life by which teamwork proved essential.

Formal worship services, important as they are, are not enough.  Jesus did not refer to these when He spoke of "two or three gathering" in His name.  Many times formal gatherings do not create the intimacy that is needed.  Only something akin to the best kind of family gathering will break down the barriers between us and will make growth and teamwork possible.

This is the place where the breakfast and luncheon groups can render a great service to people everywhere.  The scriptural foundation for these groups is found in Acts 2:42.  It is recorded that followers of Jesus Christ met together to devote themselves to the Apostles' teaching and fellowship, to break bread and pray.  Two thousand years later these are still the basic ingredients of the fellowship groups. 

We believe that small groups are necessary: provide men and women of all backgrounds an opportunity, if desired, to be part of fellowship centered in Christ. provide training in everyday living affecting homes, industry, church, and government. provide an opportunity for the practice of prayer and Bible study.

Nothing happens while we merely think about merely starting a group, so pray for God's direction and take the steps to starting your own group today!